Private Sales

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, is a French site on which the winegrowers can offer their productions.

Here you will find our monthly selection of the best wines. 

This monthly selection is mainly intended for wines export. Therefore, the indicated prices are exworks the vineyard.

Our monthly edition is sent to our subscribers in 3 zones: Europe, Asia and North America.

At each edition, we only present a small number of selected producers with whom we have negotiated the best prices.

If you are interested to subscribe, to buy or if you need more details, please create an account (username & email address) and contact us via the contact form.

We will be delighted to send you a tailor-made offer "delivered to your door" including the cost of transport and all taxes.

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The team.

JUNE 2021 (This private sale is in preparation)

MAY 2021 (This private sale is complete)

APRIL 2021 (This private sale is opened): In this new April 2021 edition, we are delighted to introduce 4 producers of Alsace wines, 5 producers from the Bordeaux region, 3 from Provence and a Spanish wine producer. We have mainly chosen these producers and their wines for their quality as well as for their good value for money. We hope you will enjoy to discover some Alsace wines. Alsace is exuberant nature, a generous garden, each component of which contributes to the creation of an exceptional terroir! In this setting favorable to the cultivation of the vine, the micro-climates, the exhibitions, the variety of geological components, offer so many possibilities to the winegrowers to compose with nature to create singular wines.

MARCH 2021 (This private sale is now closed) 

FEBRUARY 2021 (This private sale is now closed)

JANUARY 2021 (This private sale is now closed) 

DECEMBER 2020 (This private sale is now closed)